Eco Friendly Rainforest Resort In Hawaii

Nestled in Hawaii’s beautiful pristine rainforest, we’re the eco-friendliest resort and lodging you’ll find. All of our 3 properties are eco-friendly. Our resort is located within the last percentages of virgin Hawaii rainforest. Rainforests are delicate and beautiful ecosystems. Hawaii has roughly 10% of its rainforest still intact. Since our inception, we have employed ecologically friendly solutions in order to preserve, cherish, and respect one of the last remaining Hawaiian rainforests. Come experience our eco-friendly Volcano Hawaii lodging at Kilauea Hospitality Group (formerly Chalet Kilauea Collection).

Kilauea Hospitality Group is committed to eco friendly practice.

  • We collect rainforest precipitation (it rains a lot!) for our cleaning, gardening, landscaping, and aquaculture needs.
  • We refrain from using harsh hospitality chemicals that pervade our industry.
  • We utilize a terry recycling program with each guest room to minimize energy usage.
  • We utilize energy efficient lighting systems to minimize energy usage
  • We compost all organic waste.
  • We use recycling systems for aluminum, plastic, and glass.
  • Much of our landscaping preserves the natural flora and topographic features of the area.

We’re no boring hotel. And yes, it rains here in Hawaii’s rainforest. Surround yourself with nature, beauty, comfort – from budget to luxury. See our lodging choices for descriptions of our 3 room types, all in the same amazing rainforest.