This Christmas give yourself, or a loved one, the gift of a digital detox.

Today, our lives are so fast-paced. To keep up, we’ve integrated technology into almost everything we do and it’s helped…kind of.

From vacuums that operate themselves to TV’s that connect to the internet, digital technology can be pretty cool. Chatting with people on social networks, video calls, and having up-to-the-minute news and information at our fingertips makes us feel more connected. Technology certainly offers some excellent benefits, but sometimes it can be draining: VERY draining.

Too Many Push Notifications

Staying connected to your devices 24/7 definitely takes a toll. Push notifications, news alerts, and friend requests can be exhausting. The constant chime of your smartphone, especially this time of year, from emails, voicemails, and text messages can make your head spin. So, before you hit a breaking point and have a complete meltdown, plan a digital detox getaway. Where? Volcano, Hawaii!

Recharge in the Rainforest

Volcano, Hawaii, located on the Big Island near Mount Kilauea is the perfect spot to unplug and relax. This secluded and peaceful location will revitalize your spirit. Who wouldn’t feel completely rejuvenated after staying in a pristine rainforest? The lush vegetation and fresh tropical air will reawaken your soul.

Stay at one of our three eco-friendly properties just minutes from the entrance to Volcanoes National Park. Located within the last percentages of virgin Hawaii rainforest, our resort is a retreat made for guests looking to unwind and disconnect from the chaos of everyday life. Here you can:

Plus, we know the importance of providing an eco-friendly experience to our guests. Rainforests are delicate ecosystems so from the beginning we’ve implemented ecologically friendly solutions that allow us to preserve, cherish and respect one of the last remaining Hawaiian rainforests.

Some practices we employ are:

  • We collect rainforest precipitation for cleaning, gardening, landscaping, and aquaculture
  • We don’t use any harsh chemicals in the maintenance of the resort
  • We utilize terry recycling program with each guest room to minimize energy use
  • We use energy-efficient lighting to minimize energy usage
  • We compost all organic waste
  • We recycle aluminum, plastic, and glass
  • Our landscaping preserves the natural flora and topographic features of the area

Each eco-friendly step we take helps connect our guests to our beautiful habitat. Anyone who visits will experience this incredible connection. A getaway here offers those looking for a digital detox to disconnect from their smartphones and reconnect with nature in one of the most serene settings on the planet. Our proximity to Volcanoes Hawaii National Park also makes detoxing and reconnecting with yourself and nature easy and rewarding.

So, ditch digital and join us in the Hawaiin rainforest.