You may not know that Hawaii has some longstanding quirks and customs that are very much a part of Hawaiian culture. From legends and folklore to fascinating island history and geographic phenomena, some of these interesting facts may come as a surprise. Want to learn more? Here are some Hawaiian customs and quirks we bet you didn’t know.

Always Take Your Shoes Off When Entering Someone’s House

This is a common tradition in eastern cultures – and in Hawaii too. Whenever you’re a guest someone’s home, it’s customary to remove your shoes and leave them at the door. This practice that is rooted in Chinese and Japanese cultures is a display of respect. Of course, it also prevents you from tracking in dirt, mud, etc. So, take note! Next time you’re a houseguest in Hawaii, make sure you remove your shoes and leave them at the door!

It’s Customary to Call Flip-flops Slippers

Yes, that’s right. In Hawaii, flip-flops are called slippers. So, don’t get confused. Slippers or ‘slippahs’ as some locals call them are not the cozy sock-like shoes you wear around the house when you’re cold. They’re flip-flops! And, here, slippers get the job done most days. There are even got slippers for different occasions ranging from casual to fancy – perfect for a night on the town.

In Hawaii, you’ll co-exist with Asian Mongoose

During your stay, you may come across a few Hawaiian Ferrets. These weasel-like creatures are actually relatives of the Small Asian Mongoose and they prey on small animals like rodents, snakes, and birds. They’re incredibly fast and smart. They were brought to Hawaii in the late 1800s to help curb the rat population. Today, they exist in large numbers so you may see these critters from time to time during your visit.

Hawaii is the Rainbow State

Did you know Hawaii is the rainbow state? It is, and for good reason. There are rainbows all of the place. Why? It’s actually a common weather phenomenon unique to this region. Trade winds gather moisture and carry it to the mountains. Then, the moisture – trapped by the mountains – mixes with sunlight and voila, rainbows! The salt in the air adds a prismatic effect and amplifies the colors. The best times to find a rainbow are early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

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