2016 went out with a bang as we ushered in 2017 on New Year’s Day. It’s time to plan those resolutions for the New Year and we hope that yours includes resolving to travel more. Here’s why. Pulling ourselves out of the hamster wheel we tend to get stuck on throughout the year makes us better. Better people, better employees, better friends, better family members, better parents; just better. Here are 5 things to consider when planning your New Year’s travel resolutions:

  1. Resolve to Use Every Single Vacation Day this year

How many of us are allotted days of paid time off each year that go unused? Come on, admit it – you’re probably guilty of wasting some of those hard-earned days off. In 2015, statistics showed that more than half of Americans (a staggering 55%) had unused vacation time. That’s as many as 658 million vacation days not taken. Come on America, you’ve earned those days and now it’s time to use them!

  1. Go somewhere new

As creatures of habit, it is so easy to return to the same place year after year. While it is great to have your favorite vacation spot, resolve to go somewhere new this year. Step outside of your comfort zone and make 2017 the year to hit one of your travel bucket list destinations. Set aside some time to meet locals and visit local favs and not just the typical tourist attractions. You may learn a thing or two about what makes this destination unique.

  1. Simplify travel

One major hang up of travel can be the packing. Especially traveling with your family, you can end up with way too many suitcases and other possessions to manage. Navigating your way in and out of crowded airports with too much stuff is stressful, and is unneeded. Instead of piling a bunch of stuff in your suitcases, take some time to analyze what is truly necessity vs. extra gear that can be left behind. Travel light. Pairing down and consolidating will make your travel experience easier. Ditch those extra bags and remember that it is hard to escape when you bring all of your baggage with you.

  1. Take multiple trips

Taking a nice long trip each year can be great. Two weeks to decompress and get away from the regular day to day sounds wonderful to us. However, this can leave you with not much to look forward to the rest of the year. Plan several shorter trips spread out over the year. More frequent escapes while experiencing more places is an excellent travel resolution.

  1. Travel more with extended family

How many of our limited vacations throughout the year are to visit extended family members in their homes? This year, instead of traveling to them or having them travel to you, resolve to travel with them. Meet up with your extended family members in a different place. Take a trip with them to Hawaii for new adventures you can all enjoy together. Break the mold of visiting with extended family in the same old way.


Happy New Year and cheers to a new year of travel.