Plan the perfect Hawaiian Spring Break. A spring break getaway is essential to keeping your sanity and refueling for the months between now and summer vacation. The Big Island is an excellent choice for spring breakers. With so many awesome activities, the island has tons to offer for just about anyone. Of course we have amazing beaches to excite and relax anyone, but the Big Island has so much more to offer. Here are some must-do activities on our spring break itinerary.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Located just a couple of miles from us, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is even more incredible lately. Kilauea, an active volcano here on the island has been providing natives and visitors alike quite a show lately with its continuous lava flow. You CANNOT come to the Big Island and not visit Kilauea. You will not want to miss this. You can get the latest activity updates here.

Rainbow Falls and Boiling Pots

Once believed to be home to the ancient goddess of the moon Hina, Rainbow Falls is best experienced in the morning. As the water flows over a natural lava cave, you may be able to see beautiful rainbows spanning the waterfall. The rainbows are especially visible on misty mornings. Just up the road, you can also find the Boiling Pots. The Boiling Pots are a natural phenomenon in the Wailuku River. Round “pots” carved into lava beds by the rushing water of the river becomes swollen with turbulent water which can move so rapidly that it appears to be boiling.

Hot Springs Anyone?

The Kapoho Warm Ponds are an excellent way to relax and pass some time. A wonderful snorkeling spot, the Kapoho Warm Ponds are tide pools of the Marine Life Conservation District. The pools are protected from the waves of the ocean by a basalt ridge located just off shore. Warm water seeps out of the surrounding lava rocks and into the pools creating a natural ho spring effect. This is a popular snorkeling destination.

Big Island Bees and Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm

Both Big Island Bees and the Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm are such fun places to visit. Big Island Bees offers free fun and educational tours. Explore actual hives, learn about pollination and taste their delicious organic honey varietals.  Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm is an island gem located on oceanfront property and is dedicated to preserving the endangered seahorse. Feed and even hold an amazing seahorse creature.

Hawaiian Vanilla Company Farm and Hawaiian Chocolate Factory Tours

Other pretty unique tours on the Big Island are the Hawaiian Vanilla Company Farm Tour and the Hawaiian Chocolate Factory Tour. The Vanilla Experience Luncheon & Farm Tour is a great way to learn about this working farm and experience their delicious vanilla products first hand.  And chocolate factory tour? Delicious! Do we have to say more?

Helicopter Tours

If you have the opportunity to take a helicopter tour, do it! This is perhaps a more adventurous way to see the island when compared to some of the other tours. There is nothing like checking out the island from the sky or catching a breath-taking Hawaiian sunset.

If you still want more exciting activity ideas for your spring break to the Big Island, check out more of our favorite activities here. The possibilities are endless.