If you want to plan a vacation to Hawaii, we’ve got some tips for you!

Here on the Big Island, there’s so much to do. That’s why we’ve pulled together these travel tips to help you plan the very best vacation. If you’re visiting Hawaii soon, consider our top 5 Hawaii vacation tips to help you plan a better, cheaper and happier vacation.

1. Pack wisely and don’t forget anything. Getting “stuff” on the island is expensive because of its remote location. Make a packing list so you don’t forget anything. Keep in mind that even small things like sunscreen or bathing suits – even diapers – are expensive and can really add up.

2. Plan enough time to do everything and nothing. Do some research and plan a few activities, but don’t schedule every minute of your trip before you arrive. Once on the island, you may find things to do you didn’t think of before! Also, make sure you set aside time during your vacation to do nothing. Take a walk, smell some tropical flowers, pop into local markets. Learn a little about Hawaiian culture and history. Just see where the day takes you. It’s the Hawaiian way – and isn’t that why you came to visit?

3. Rent yourself a car and cruise the island. There is so much to explore. Renting a car will give you the independence to make your own adventure. Another great way to explore the island is by foot. Rainforests, waterfalls, volcanoes, beaches – it’s all here. Make time to see these special sites up close. Don’t forget your camera!

4. Relax. Did we say that already? While there is much to see and do, it’s just as important to set aside time to sit back and chill. After all, this is a vacation! Sleep in, take naps by the pool or sit and listen to the soothing sounds of the rainforest. There’s nothing like it.

5. Get your adventure on. Although it’s very tranquil here, there’s a lot to do and some amazing adventures waiting for you. Think outside the box. Try some authentic cuisine, catch a few waves, or four-wheel. The point is, get out there and try something new!

If you use these tips plan a vacation to Hawaii, you’re sure to leave refreshed and exhilarated. One trip may not be enough to fully explore each amazing site so keep track of things to do on your next visit. It’s never too early to start planning your return. Visit Kilauea Hospitality Group to book your stay today.