Is it possible to maintain complete peace-of-mind while traveling during the Coronavirus outbreak? No. Are there precautions we can all take to stay healthy if and when we decide to travel? Yes!

The spread of coronavirus continues to raise concerns for those with travel plans in the coming weeks. You may opt to stay home indefinitely, especially if you’re 60+ or in poor health. But if you’re in good health and decide to travel, here’s some important information about Coronavirus in Hawaii plus useful information about our Volcano Village resort and how to stay healthy enroute.

The Coronavirus in Hawaii

As of March 13, there are two confirmed Coronavirus cases in Hawaii. The risk to the public remains very low.

Kilauea Hospitality Group

Our Big Island resort is tucked away in remote Volcano Village beneath the canopy of the Hawaiian rainforest. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a safe and relaxing vacation in Hawaii, especially when so many other destinations are temporarily closed for business.

Just five minutes from the entrance to Volcanoes National Park, our pristine inn offers accommodations with private bathrooms, daily housekeeping, beautiful rainforest views, and free wireless internet. Amenities include free coffee and tea, a garden gazebo, and koi pond. Our grounds are meticulously cared for. Each room is cleaned with powerful (eco-friendly) disinfectants every day.

It’s easy to enjoy a safe and relaxing vacation here in Volcano Village. Our remote location is quiet, off the beaten path, and ideal for travelers looking to avoid crowds. Some solo-friendly activities our guests typically enjoy are hiking, biking, and birding.

Safe Travel Tips for the Coronavirus Outbreak

Be prepared.

Germs are everywhere…at the airport, on your seat tray, and in your rental car. It’s a good idea to wash your hands often and pack items like hand sanitizer, sterile wipes, Kleenex, and emergency medication like fever-reducers. Be mindful about what you touch and try not to bring your hands to your face (a tall order considering we all touch our face a whopping 23 times per hour).

Check-in with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

For up-to-date information about travel advisories and risk assessment by country, visit the CDC’s website and consider contingency plans before leaving home. If you can, check local information boards (where you are traveling from and where you are traveling to) for city and state advisories. There’s certainly plenty of conflicting information out there, so make sure to do your due diligence before your departure.

Be smart about the airport.

The Coronavirus can linger on surfaces for up to nine days so it’s best to limit your exposure to areas regularly trafficked by the public (like check-in kiosks, information counters, and restrooms). Generally, you shouldn’t walk barefoot through the metal detector. Try to avoid the bins at security checkpoints and instead put all your items in a carryon bag which should be placed on the x-ray belt.

Take precautions on the plane.

Many airlines have upped their cleaning procedures for domestic and international flights. Crews are giving extra attention to sanitizing armrests, seat belts, tray tables, overhead controls, and handles to lavatories. Still, it’s a good idea to bring your own wipes to rubdown high-touch surfaces.

Book direct.

It’s a myth that sites like Expedia and Travelocity offer the best deals. When you book direct with Kilauea Hospitality Group – either on our website or by phone – you’ll get the best nightly rate, plus a very fair cancellation policy of five days’ notice.

Book airlines with “flexible booking” promotions.

Many airlines such as Jet Blue, American, Delta, and United (to name a few) are offering fee waivers and refunds for flights booked over the next few weeks. Not to mention, flights are really inexpensive right now. Some roundtrip tickets from New York to Honolulu are as low as $400 compared to an average of $1100! With safe-travel practices, and assuming you are in good health, you can fly with peace-of-mind. Plus, if you do need to cancel your trip or rearrange your plans because of Coronavirus, you won’t be penalized. Here more details from VOX.

Purchase travel insurance.

A safe bet is to purchase “cancel for any reason” (CFAR) coverage. This add-on to a base travel insurance allows you to cancel your trip for any reason that’s not already covered by your policy. With CFAR, you’ll be reimbursed a portion of your prepaid, forfeited and non-refundable trip costs, typically between 50% and 75%.

Our Volcano Village hotel is open and happily welcoming guests. We’re ideally situated in the remote Hawaiian rainforest, just minutes from Volcanoes National Park. For more information about our rates and cancellation policy, contact us. Travel safely and smartly!