By Guest Blogger Candy Aluli

I live on Maui but love visiting the other Hawaiian islands to enjoy the beauty and distinct character that each offers. Over the years, Volcano Village on the island of Hawaii has become a personal favorite of mine. Most people visit Volcano Village primarily for a few hours of volcano viewing or hiking, but I love this peaceful little town for its own sake. It’s incredibly beautiful, set in the midst of a tropical rainforest, with its own quirky, artsy personality.

With the current closure of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the usual volcano-related activities (like viewing and hiking) are temporarily unavailable to the public. Volcano Village itself has been virtually unaffected by the recent volcanic activity. The town is located a few miles northeast of the national park and many miles away from the lava flow which is heading southeast towards the sea. There are other things to do in Volcano BESIDES the volcano, and this is the perfect time to experience this town when it is not overrun by hundreds of volcano-crazy tourists! So, aside from the once-in-a-lifetime experience of being so close to an active volcano, what’s there to do in Volcano Village? Plenty! But don’t just drive up for an afternoon. Stay for a while, so you can relax and embrace the easygoing small-town charm of this area.

The 7 best things to do in Volcano:

  • Sleep In A Rainforest: The village of Volcano is utterly unique in Hawaii. It’s not just another beach town, but is at higher altitude in the heart of a pristine tropical rainforest. Cozy up on chilly evenings with a hot drink; wake up to misty mornings and stroll through tranquil forests of lush tree ferns, towering ohia trees, blooming hydrangea and ginger. This place is powerful in its beauty. Cool. Serene. Healing. Absolutely magical.
  • Volcano Art Center: This wonderful gallery features the work of well over 200 local artists. I love browsing here for beautiful one-of-a-kind locally-made gifts, furnishings, jewelry and other handcrafted items. The Volcano Art Center also offers an ongoing calendar of events, like yoga classes, hula and musical performances, cultural demonstrations, plus a free guided rainforest nature walk every Monday morning at 9:30. Do it!
  • Volcano Winery: Located at 4,000 feet above sea level with its vineyards firmly rooted in volcanic soil, this family-owned winery is certainly one of the most unusual in the world. Volcano Winery produces traditional wines (reds and whites), as well as fruit-blended wines made with exotic local fruits, honey, and their own estate-grown tea. Savor a few sips in the tasting room and linger in their shop, open every day of the year. Macadamia Nut Honey Wine, anyone?
  • Volcano Garden Arts: Volcano is a haven for creativity and artists, and this historic farmhouse-turned-gallery is a testament to that. Take a leisurely stroll through the lovely gardens and enjoy the delightful and eclectic mix of art on display. Browse the Volcano Garden Arts gallery, which is open daily from 10 to 4. One of my favorite things to do in Volcano.
  • 2400 Fahrenheit: This glass studio and gallery is truly a hidden gem in the rainforests of Volcano. Master glass artists Michael and Misato Mortara produce stunning glass art and jewelry, from small pieces to spectacular major works of art. Many of their creations are inspired by the raw beauty of lava itself, providing the perfect memento from a Volcano visit. One of their exquisite lava paperweights rests on my own windowsill, capturing the light. 2400 Fahrenheit is a working studio and the gallery shop is not open every day, so check their website for hours but don’t miss this place!
  • Volcano Golf Course: This 18-hole golf course, nestled on the rim of an active volcano, is definitely a novel experience for golfers—or for those who just want to pop into their restaurant for a bite. Volcano Golf Course offers a fun and interesting round of golf amidst cool highland temperatures and panoramic views. Par 72; 6,547 yards
  • Volcano Village Farmers’ Market: Farmers’ markets in Hawaii are always great places to find bargains on local products, rub shoulders with locals, and experience a genuine slice of island life. The Volcano Village Farmers’ Market is no exception. Fresh produce, baked goods and other local foods, as well as crafts, clothing, and souvenirs! It takes place every Sunday from approximately 6 to 10 am at Cooper Center.

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Mahalo to guest blogger Candy Aluli, Publisher of the All About Maui blog and frequent visitor to Volcano Village.