`Akaka Falls State Park is a state park on the Big Island. It is located 11 miles north from Hilo (at the end of Highway 220) on the Island of Hawaii. It includes `Akaka Falls, a 442 ft. tall waterfall. `Akaka is the Hawaiian name for this feature. “‘Akaka” means “A rent, split, chink, separation; to crack, split, scale”. The accessible portion of the park lies high on the right shoulder of the deep gorge into which the waterfall plunges, and the falls can be viewed from several points along a loop trail through the park. Also visible from this trail is Kahuna Falls.

Local folklore describes a stone located here called “Pohaku a Pele” that, when struck by a branch of lehua ‘apane, will darken the sky and cause rain to fall. Lehua `apane or `ohi`a `apane is an `ohi`a tree (Metrosideros polymorpha) with red blossoms of varying shades.

`Akaka Falls is located on Kolekole Stream. A large stone in the stream about 70 ft upstream of the falls is called Pohaku o Kaloa.

‘Akaka Falls State Park offers a pleasant 1/4 mile walk through lush foliage and features spectacular views of Hawaii’s largest waterfall. Located north of Hilo off Highway 19.