An exciting and easy way to explore this vast territory is via air. Experience the fury and beauty of Madam Pele (VOLCANO GODDESS) like never before! Volcano Helicopter Tours allow the visitor to see angles and details otherwise unavailable. We have many partners in service we can work with to make your Volcano experience truly memorable. Contact us direct for details and reservations! Reservations cannot be made online. There are both volcano only and volcano/waterfall tours that leave from Hilo. Flights are 45-50 minutes long. We recommend the Safari, Paradise or Sunshine companies, they are excellent. Paradise offers either a doors on or off experience. With the doors off you actually feel the heat of Kilauea Volcano as you fly over the active vent!

Volcano only tour

Provides a Nene’s-eye view of the volcanic fury that created and continues to shape Hawaii’s islands. Search for possible surface flows, lava lakes, “skylights,” cinder cones and vents. See where the Royal Gardens subdivision and the Kalapana district once stood before Madame Pele reclaimed the land with lava.

Waterfall/Volcano tour

Provides flight over miles of tropical rainforest, views of the awesome power of one of the world’s most active volcano, and introduces you to some of the legendary waterfalls just north of Hilo.

Helicopter Combo Tours
Some companies offer air and land (have picnic) tours, or air and sea (snorkel or submarine) tours. Contact the Front Desk for more information.

NOTE: there are a few online sites selling tours. These sites are often deceiving in regards to the true cost of the flight.
Each helicopter company we use is a “Federal Aviation Administration” Certified Air Carrier. They offer specialized aircraft with plenty of visibility and leg room, and highly trained pilots.
Please note, flights may be cancelled or changed at any time due to weather and/or poor visibility.