The falls are usually best seen in the morning as this is when the rainbows are most colorful. There are various trails you may follow if you are adventurous. At Rainbow Falls, the Wailuku River rushes into a large pool below. The gorge is blanketed by lush, dense tropical foliage and the turquoise colored pool is bordered by beautiful wild ginger. The fall is accessed by a hike down a slippery path made of stone that ends at the lookout point. The falls are accessed at Wailuku River State Park.

Known in the Hawaiian Language as Waianuenue, the falls flow over a natural lava cave, the mythological home to Hina, an ancient Hawaiian goddess. The Rainbow falls derives its name from the fact that, on misty mornings, one can see beautiful rainbow spanning the waterfall.

Getting Here:
From Highway 11 in Hilo, go north to Highway 19. Turn left onto Waianuenue Avenue. Continue up this street and watch for signs directing you to Rainbow Falls on the right.

Continuing up Waianuenue Avenue from Rainbow Falls , you will see a sign directing you to the Boiling Pots. This is a series of bowl-shaped depressions which roil and boil with heavy water flow. This area can provide some dramatic photo opportunities.