Despite the recent lava flows on the Big Island of Hawaii, it is still a great time to visit the area. Did you know, the entire state of Hawaii has 6,422 square miles in total. The Big Island’s 4,028 square miles represents almost 63% of the state’s total landmass. The Big Island is bigger than all the other Hawaiian islands combined. The Big Island is even bigger than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware combined. There are plenty of places you can still visit on the Big Island. Here are our top 5 reasons to visit the Big Island, after the historic lava flows.

  1. The Big Island has many climates. The lava flows are confined to a very small spot on along the coast. You can start your day exploring waterfalls in the tropical rainforests of Hilo, enjoy lunch overlooking lava rocks and sparkling blue waters, go coffee tasting in Kona’s upland hillsides, and end the day stargazing on the mountainous tundra of Mauna Kea. Hawaii has it all. Rainforests, amazing nature, and tranquility.
  2. Nature Lovers– Hilo and Hamakua are home to many beautiful waterfalls.  When ice melts on the mountain peaks, it joins fresh rainfall and artesian springs, slicing through the hillside creating magnificent waterfalls as it makes its way to the sea.  The most notable of these are Rainbow Falls and Akaka Falls.
  3. The Beaches– Big Island is one of the only places in the world where you can explore white, black and green sand beaches. There are many different types of sand on the Big Island beaches. You will love visiting as many beaches as you can. Each one is unique and pristine.
  4. Volcanoes National Park- Visit a volcano while it is erupting you say? YES! LOL Kilauea Volcano is quite large. The town of Volcano sits several miles from the Park. Safe, in a rainforest environment. In other words… Lava flows down hill. The current lava flows are confined to a very small area. Stay with us while you watch Kilauea from a safe distance.
  5. You have never been to Hawaii before. Now is the time to visit the Big Island. Prices are lower, there are so many Island actives. You can enjoy yourself and have quite an adventure to tell when you return home. Don’t let a little lava ruin your dream vacation. In fact, embrace this great time to go see one of the world’s most beautiful Islands.

The Big Island is safe, massive, and welcomes you. Help out the local economy and visit now!