Now is a great time to visit Volcanoes Hawaii if you love Ecotourism. Not familiar with ecotourism? Here’s what it is.

Ecotourism: tourism directed toward exotic, often threatened, natural environments, especially to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife.

In other words, it’s about visiting your favorite places and seeing great sights without making much of an impact on the environment. When you’re eco-touring you’re thinking about conservation and how to make a positive contribution to the communities you’re visiting. You’re not wasteful and you tread lightly.

As you may know, Hawaii has been hit hard by traditional tourism. That’s why now, more than ever, eco-tourism is so important. At the Kilauea Hospitality Group, we’re proud to offer an alternative.

Ecotourism in Volcanoes Hawaii is rooted in traditions much older than modern civilization.

Malama aina or “caring for the land” was an integral part of early-Hawaiian culture. The idea that every plant and animal had a sacred spot in the fabric of the universe drove this practice that led to green living centuries before it became a popular lifestyle choice.

Sustainability at Kilauea Hospitality Group

  • We’re committed to employing these eco-friendly practices.
  • We collect rainwater for cleaning, gardening, landscaping, and aquaculture.
  • We don’t use any harsh chemicals for cleaning.
  • We employ a terry recycling program in each guest room to minimize energy use.
  • We use only energy-efficient lighting.
  • We compost all organic waste.
  • We recycle aluminum, plastic, and glass.
  • Much landscaping was designed to preserve the natural flora and topographic features of the area.

Quick tips for Eco-touring in Kilauea

  • Eat fresh, locally-grown food. Fresh, homegrown food was a big part of early Hawaiian culture. Today, tourists can enjoy Hawaii’s abundance of fresh produce, meats, and seafood from a wide selection of nearby markets and restaurants. Try Healthy Hut Market and Café, Postcards Café and Kauai Juice Co.
  • Visit (with reverence) all the natural wonders the Big Island has to offer. Thankfully, a deep respect for the environment remains strong in modern-day Hawaii. Don’t miss out on the number of only-in-Hawaii experiences that invite you to gain a new appreciation for the stunning landscapes around them. Visit the Pu’uhonua, Mokupāpapa Discovery Center and the Volcano Arts Center.
  • Go on eco-friendly adventures. Whether you’re an adventure-loving fan of the great outdoors or simply an admirer of Hawaii’s culture and beauty, Volcanos and the island of Hawaii offer a ton of eco-friendly opportunities for fun, inspiration, and rejuvenation. Our top picks are Hawaii Forest and Trail, Three Ring Ranch Exotic Animal Sanctuary and Bike Volcano Tours.

There you have it. If you’re an environmentalist at heart, visit us in Volcanoes, Hawaii. We’ve got everything you need to an amazing eco-friendly Hawaiin vacation – on any budget. Book your room today.