Our world has become pretty fast paced and pretty high tech. Technology has helped us connect with more people and made our everyday lives more efficient. From vacuums that operate themselves to TV’s that connect to the internet, digital technology can be pretty cool. Engaging with people on social networks, video chats and having the latest, up to the minute news and information at our fingertips has become the norm. This can have some excellent benefits, but sometimes it can be draining: VERY draining. When the drain becomes too much, it is time for a digital detox.

Being connected to your devices and ultimately the entire world nearly 24/7 can take its toll. The constant notifications from this or that social network, breaking news alerts from multiple channels and apps that push the latest and greatest deal or hot must have item can be exhausting. Or just having your smartphone constantly chiming from emails from work, voicemails and even text messages can make your head spin. But before you get to your breaking point and have a total meltdown, why not plan a digital detox getaway?  And we know the perfect setting for this digital detox: Volcano, Hawaii.

Volcano, Hawaii, located on the Big Island near Mount Kilauea is the perfect place to unplug. The secluded and peaceful location will revitalize your spirit. Who wouldn’t feel completely rejuvenated after staying in a pristine rainforest environment? The lush greenery and fresh tropical air that surrounds you will encase you, reawakening your worn soul.

Stay at one of our three eco-friendly properties located just minutes from the entrance to Volcanoes National Park.  Located within the last percentages of virgin Hawaii rainforest, our resort is a retreat made for people needing a digital detox. Given our special location, we know the importance of providing an eco-friendly experience to our guests. Rainforests are delicate eco systems and since our inception, we implemented ecologically friendly solutions that allow us to preserve, cherish and respect one of the last remaining Hawaiian rainforests.

Some practices that we employ are:

-We collect rain forest precipitation for our cleaning, gardening, landscaping, and aquaculture needs.

-We refrain from using harsh hospitality chemicals that pervade our industry.

-We employ a terry recycling program with each guest room to minimize energy usage.

-We employ energy efficient lighting systems to minimize energy usage

-We compost all organic waste.

-We use recycling systems for aluminum, plastic, and glass.

-Much of our landscaping preserves the natural flora and topographic features of the area.

These eco-friendly steps that we take each and every day help connect our resort to the beautiful land. Anyone that visits our resort can experience this incredible connection themselves. A getaway of any length of time at one of our properties allows those looking for a digital detox to disconnect from their smartphones and reconnect with nature in one of the most serene settings on the planet. Our proximity to Volcanoes Hawaii National Park also makes detoxing and reconnecting with yourself and nature an easy process.

So go ahead. Ditch the digital for a couple of days and switch those phones, computers and tablets “Off”.  You will be plenty busy with a mental recharge Big Island Style while rekindling your love for Mother Nature. What are you waiting for?